D.C. bound


So what does one do when they go to D.C.? Similar to the 8th grade trip we all take do you visit every monument and museum in as short amount of time as possible?

Well for a majority of visitors I would think that last statement true. HOWEVER when I visit D.C. I like to appreciate the architecture and try to act as little like a tourist as possible. That also come in due part by the frequency of my visits but that’s irrelevant.

This past weekend I spent time in the District for my birthday and found an extremely interesting building. As I was wondering around, with my end destination being the White House (no trip is complete without visiting the President), I stumble upon a shingled glass facade building. In all my travels I have never really seen such an application of a curtain wall and in D.C. at that. A very strong architectural move in a city full of classical discussion.

Turns out this specific building was 1099 New York Ave and was designed by Thomas Phifer and Partners. After some further research I found a blog post with the same interest in the building as  I had. So I figured I would just direct you there to read it.

Another interesting part of the D.C. architecture scene is the Metro system. Who knew concrete could look so glamorous and that the monolithic halls that house these trains look so elegant. With D.C. having the 2nd busiest transit system in the country it is only right that they employed Harry Weese to design most of their stations.

I also stumbled upon this cool cobalt blue door.


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    its great post and great blog. cong. 🙂

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